Logwood Chips + Iron Dip Tee

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The Botanical Series is a line of shirts handmade in California using a process that is exceptionally unique: Each shirt is dyed using raw, natural plant materials on 100% organic cotton and features hand-drawn graphics.

We aim to go against the grain of “fast fashion” by offering a shirt that slows things down. 

100% USA organic cotton, grown in Texas and hand dyed in Northern California at Wire + Ink studios using natural plant materials. 

After the dyeing, the shirt is dipped in an iron bath, giving it the final "saddened, muted" color.

Each batch of shirts will have slight variations in tone and hue, and each shirt will experience a change in these qualities over the course of its life, which is what makes them so special. The garment is a living piece of fabric, and while the dye is tightly bound to the cotton fibers through our mordanting process, its color will shift over time into a totally unique and one-of-a-kind shirt.

The Logwood tree is a small, prickly tree that contains hematoxylin in the bark, which is what produces a vibrant purple dye. Its historical importance dates back to 16th-century Europe as an important textile coloring, effectively changing the color palate of the New World. It was once a coveted item by pirates of the Atlantic, and you can keep the spirit of the high seas with this Wire + Ink original. 

100% organic cotton

Raw edge seams 

Patterned, cut, and sewn in Northern California

Hand-dyed with logwood chips and twice dipped in an iron bath

Screen printed with water-based ink

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