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Avocado x Indigo Botanical Tee

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Sometimes there comes along a shirt so unique, it's almost a crime to wear. Almost.

The Botanical Series is a line of shirts handmade in California using an exceptionally unique process: Each shirt is dyed using raw, natural plant materials on 100% organic cotton and features hand-drawn graphics.

We aim to go against the grain of “fast fashion” by offering a shirt that slows things down. 

The supply chain is mapped out from "dirt to shirt". The fabric is 100% USA organic cotton, grown in Texas and hand dyed in Northern California at Wire + Ink studios using natural plant materials. 

All of our avocado skins and stones come from Matador Taco & Tequila bar located in San Francisco. After the fruit is cleared out for the daily guacamole, the remainder is saved, cleaned, and sanitized to be boiled for a dye bath concentrate. It's then mixed in a bath with cochineal bug and indigo.

By using these products for our dyes, we are giving them a chance to continue life in a new medium, as they would have otherwise been disposed of. 

Each batch of shirts will have slight variations in tone and hue. It will look similar to the example, yet different. Each shirt will experience a change in these qualities throughout its life, which is what makes them so special. The garment is a living piece of fabric, and while the dye is tightly bound to the cotton fibers through our mordanting process, its color will shift over time into a unique and one-of-a-kind shirt.

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